Monday, September 15, 2008

Something I must remember to do

Since I grew up in a place where the seasons are thought of in terms of temperatures--Hot! and Wonderful!--it's taking me a while to adjust to having four of them.

A couple of night ago I discovered that I needed more than just a light bedspread covering me at night. In fact, I was so cold that I had to get up and hunt down a quilt to put on top of me. A few nights later, it wasn't so cold, and I passed the incident off as a dip in the temperature resulting from the rain we've been having.


The lower-temperature-at-night thing is back, and I've even noticed that there are significant cold spots hiding in areas of my house. I've actually retrieved my lambswool slippers from under the bed to wear around the house at night.

Over the weekend I became curious to know if September is actually the month when the temperature turns downward. I found a website that chronicles the daily temps in our area, and searched for the last couple of years. Then I did an analysis.

Yes. September definitely brings cooler temps. I'll have to remember to exchange my electric fans for space heaters when September 1 comes around each year.

And break out the electric blanket!
Lest you get the idea that the above picture of a quilt-on-a-bed is an actual photograph taken in my house, please remember that I am a writer, and that I don't do housework unless it can no longer be avoided. Tables--yea, any flat surfaces--are for holding piles of stuff, not for flower arrangements and such things.


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    An electric what? Are you saying that you can actually buy a blanket that supplies heat? Who would want that? Oh, that's right! There are places outside of Yuma that can actually get ... what's that word again? Cold! It's a feeling I'm not familiar with. Now sweating ... we can talk!

    Great spot, Marsha. I love to hear other women admit they dislike housework as much as me. And the only time I get to see the woodgrain of my dining room table is when the missionaries are coming over for dinner.

    Deb, (from Yuma)

  2. *please remember that I am a writer, and that I don't do housework unless it can no longer be avoided* made me smile :-)

  3. I rather enjoy using pictures of other people's houses myself . . . so much better than my own . . .

  4. Ah, ha, Marsha, peg o' my heart, you spoke well on the writer's housework creed!


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