Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting off Track - Days 10 & 11

My Blog Book Tour for Spinster's Folly continues, even as I get off track by duties left over from my Book Release last Saturday.

Now I have all the prizes distributed or in the mail, except those for one person. I had to acquire a particularly-sized box to mail the items. I'll get that into the mail tomorrow.

Yesterday, my friend Patricia Kiyono, who styles herself as author/crafter/seamstress/procrastinator, hosted my Tour at her blog, Creative Hodgepodge. She included a guest post I wrote telling what I ask my beta readers to do in order to help them evaluate the things I need to know about the work at hand. Thank you, Patricia!

Today, three other friends are helping me get the word out about Spinster's Folly.

Valerie Ipson interviews me on her blog, Of Writerly Things. She asked what authors I admire, and why, along with revealing my secret to breaking through writers block.

Tanya Parker Mills, the author of the newly published novel, A Night on Moon Hill, sent me several awesome questions that she has crafted into a two-parter, so be sure to check out the first part today on her "Wednesday Writer" segment, and go over again next week to see what else I may have said to embarrass myself.

Steve Westover, whose new novel, Gold Clash, is coming out in December, posted an excerpt of Spinster's Folly over on his blog, Westover Writes.

Thanks, Valerie, Tanya and Steve!

Be sure to stop by and read what these kind folks have done. Please consider leaving a comment on their blogs to show you appreciate them. Thank you.

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