Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Matter of Tea . . . and Other Stories

Remember that fierce earthquake back in March that was followed by a huge tsunami that killed a whole bunch of Japanese folks? Well, recovery is still going on, and we can help.

My friend Charles T. Whipple put together a collection of short stories, and called it A Matter of Tea and Other Stories. First it came out as an ebook; now it's in print! All the royalties go toward relief efforts.

Charlie's still doing his part in drumming up relief funds. Here's a brief account and a photo from a benefit appearance he did recently in Tokyo.

Here's the link to CreateSpace, where you can buy the book. You might notice on that page my small contribution to the effort, an endorsement, commonly called a "blurb," for Charlie's book.

The book is affordable, less than the cost of three gallons of gas, and the money goes for an excellent humanitarian cause. Now go. Buy!

Thank you.

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  1. Marsha, you are amazing with all of the support things you do, on top of keeping we writers in tow with all of your advise and help.
    Three cheers and kudos to you!
    ~Joyce S.


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