Sunday, June 07, 2009

And how cool is YOUR June?

Believe it or not, I spent a few moments looking for a light sweater just before I sat down to write this blog post. May was unseasonably cool, with an amount of rain showers we don't often see in that month, and June continues the cooler trend. It's so cool that I still haven't put away my electric blanket. It can be quite a comfort on chilly nights.

I'm hearing of snowfall in Colorado and Montana, even eastern Washington. Are you seeing weather anomolies in your area? Please describe what's going on in your part of the world.


  1. We noted beautiful weather this weekend even here in the valley. It's not too often in June we can sit out on the patio to play games in the evening. Wonderful!

  2. It was beautiful this weekend, we are lucky. I sat on my patio and read a book -
    I'll take it - but I know its going to heat up, then I'll have to come up and visit you!

  3. It was actually a bit chilly last week here in san diego...65ish...still beats snow in June any day!


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