Thursday, October 09, 2008

Perilous Times


The financial picture all over the world is not the best it could be. I'm taking huge hits in my retirement savings. However, I will rely on my faith in my Heavenly Father, who has proclaimed that if I am prepared, I should not fear.

Here's a bit of wisdom from a wise man, Brigham Young, with which he admonished his people in another era of lean years:

Mend it, fix it,
Wear it out;
Make it do
Or do without.*

I grew up in a large family that didn't have many of the riches of the world (probably why I tend to be a hoarder). Whenever some one would come over, my mother's favorite saying was, "Ask me for anything you want, and if we don't have it, I'll show you how to do without it."

Funny. I haven't thought of that for a long time. It's time I adhere to all these wise words (instead of buying yet another personal-sized table I don't need).

*Thanks for reminding me, Josi!

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