Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's been quite cold this week, and I've been struggling to keep my fingers warm enough to work on everything I have to do. Several web pages have needed my attention, it's membership renewal time for ANWA, and I've tried to blog every day. I tried cutting the tips off a pair of gloves last winter, but I've mislaid them, so I rub my hands together a lot.


My very low goal of tackling my Work In Progress for an hour every day seems to be working for me, though. Except for three days over the weekend that encompassed a bad eye day, I've edited or written for at least an hour a day since January 7th. Giving myself permission to do this work at such a low level has kept my spirits up and my story progressing. I know I can remain undistracted for an hour.

I include research in that hour. I've been looking for the perfect Civil War-era love song for the story. Aura Lea may be what I need.

Now the sun has gone down, and it's almost too cold to type, so I'm calling it a day. Check my Work in Progress Report for my, well, progress each day. This novel will be finished soon!

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