Friday, November 16, 2007

Free Meals in My Park

Yesterday as I was taking my garbage to the collection bin, I saw the oddest sight!

It being Thursday, the Waste Management truck was doing its pickup. I was grateful that I'd have an empty bin to toss my junk into. As I walked toward the road that leads to the bin, the truck was backing up. A movement caught my eye. Up on top of the 12-odd foot tall truck was what at first I thought was a very fat striped cat. Then I realized it was a well-fed raccoon!

The 'coon ran along the black garbage bags to the rear of the truck, then leapt off into space. It hit the ground with a thud, momentarily stunning it. However, it got its wits back quickly, and ran off before the rear tires could squish it. I looked around for it later, but it had disappeared.

Days before, someone had asked me if the raccoons were still in the garbage bin. That was the first I'd heard of them scavenging here. Now I knew it was true. The rascally creatures like a free meal as much as does any other sentient being.


  1. I've always thought they looked cute, but I understand racoons can become a terrible nuisance. Too bad ... how can anyone resist that masked face? Kinda like Zorro in a fur coat! :)

    Fun blog, Marsha!

  2. i agree that racoons are dang adorable, but man are they a menace. I'm with them though . .. free meal??? I am so there!


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