Friday, October 05, 2007

Signs of October

I drove into town yesterday, and yep, it's October. How do I know?

Because all the signs along the highway warning that ice might be present on the road have been unveiled.

During my first year of living up here in the pines, I noticed that this 'signs of the times' change took place at the beginning of October. I think the signs get covered up come April.

I just went through my photos, hoping I had captured an image of the roadside signs, but alas, I haven't. You'll just have to imagine them. Maybe when I go into town tomorrow after General Conference to pick up a few groceries, I'll photograph the signs and post them here. *

Until I do, keep safe when you drive on icy roads. If you have icy roads, that is. Yeah, that sounds so lame. I think I'm brain dead tonight.

* I was only able to get a photo of the small sign, not the large one that says:

Regional Warning
Ice may be Present on Roadway

Maybe I'll be able to get that sign photographed on another trip to town. There was just too much traffic today. Note the hinges in the sign. During the off-ice season, it's just a triangle with a blank face beside the road.


  1. They said we'd have snow here this weekend, but I can't see it yet. The temperature is 43 degrees, so I guess that's not cool enough for snow or ice. And my air conditioning just kicked in! Now what's up with that? Or maybe it's the heating :-)


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