Monday, October 08, 2007

Photo update

In case you remember it, I had the part of Queen Guinevere in a play last summer. Today as I was delaying buckling down and actually writing, I came across some photos. I decided to let you all see what I looked like as the gorgeous queen. I've put one photo in the original post. Go take a look, especially if you need a good laugh.

Oh, you've had a hard day and need a really, really good laugh? Here's a photo a friend shared with me today. It's from my high school a cappella choir's tour in 1964. I'm in the front left seat. Can you believe those bangs (or fringe, as my friend Anne Bradshaw would say)? I wonder if Anne has a story about bad hair years in her new book?

There now. Do you feel better? I hope so. I have no dignity left.


  1. You look so cute, now I'm off to see you at Queen Ginny

  2. Thanks for the clever plug, Marsha :-) And your photo is lovely--fringe and all.


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