Friday, July 13, 2007

The Whitney Awards

I finally got off my duff and donated to the Whitney Awards Academy, which funds not only the awards themselves, but publicity and handouts that will be, well, handed out, during the LDS Bookseller's convention in August.

What motivated me was a darling post on Six LDS Writers and a Frog, a blog I read every day. Kerry Blair is one of my favorite LDS writers, and a warm, witty, and smart person. She's one of the kindest people I know in all the world, and I love her dearly! Thanks for the reminder, Kerry!

By the way, the Whitney categories have changed slightly since the initial announcement. A YA/Children's lit category has been added. This, of course, makes the financial burden of funding an additional award heavier. Won't you donate to the Whitneys, too? Here's a handy link you can click on if you missed the last one:


Thank you.

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  1. Hey Marsha,
    I just stopped by to say, "Hi."

    The whole concept of the Whitney Awards is great!Those of us at LDS Writers Blogck-- --are trying to scrape together some money to donate as a group.

    How's your diet coming along? Or is it off limits to mention it? (It's hard to diet in the summer, when ice cream and smoothies call out to everyone.)

    Hope it's going well.


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