Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Today I want to share my disgust for people who come up to the forest, camp, then go home without making sure their fire is dead cold out before they leave.

One such idiot may cost me my home.

A human-caused fire is raging above me on the Mogollon Rim in the beautiful Tonto Forest, the place Zane Grey memorialized as the "Tonto Rim." I hear airplanes and helicopters constantly as brave pilots and fire fighters work to contain the fire and keep it from taking out my community. Last night I stood just down the street from my home and saw the red flames spreading on the mountainside. What a chilling sight! I don't know how I slept.

My legal papers are in the car. Other bags and suitcases stand ready to go. If I don't have time to grab my keyboard, monitor and mouse, I'll take at least my computer tower with me if I'm forced to flee for my life.

The newspaper in Payson, Arizona updates its website with fire news. If I'm gone and can't let you know more, please check here.

I'd appreciate any prayers and good thoughts you wish to offer in my behalf and that of my neighbors. Rain dances welcome. Thank you!


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