I've been fortunate to acquire several nice reviews of and recommendations for my novels, plus interviews with very nice folks. Here are some of them.

"Marsha Ward really does write Westerns with heart. And her Owen family saga is among the best you'll ever read. Learn what our ancestors did to build this land. Like the Man from Shenandoah. Highly recommended." ~Chuck Tyrell, author of The Prodigal

"If you want accurate time and place, wonderful lexicon of the time, and a touching, compelling read, don't miss Marsha Ward's Spinster's Folly." ~L. J. Martin, author of Nemesis and other western novels.

“From family drama to neighborhood conflicts, cruel abuse and budding romance, a runaway bride and the suspenseful pursuit of a craven criminal, author Marsha Ward spins a suspenseful, fast-paced tale of undeclared love, cowardly deception, and gallant heroism.” ~Rod Miller, Spur Award-winning author

Gone for a Soldier:

Spinster's Folly:

Trail of Storms:

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